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Wilderness backpacking trips are the best way to explore remote areas, to learn just how little you really need, and to let your rhythms attune to the natural world. On backpacking trips the pressures of every day life recede, simplicity replaces busyness, and (re)gaining perspective on what is truly important in life slowly occurs. Backpacking can be a lifelong sport that, after an initial investment in clothing and equipment, is inexpensive. On our backpacking trips you learn what you need to have a safe and fun trip. And while we will always welcome your return, we want you to become as self-sufficient as you are interested in being.
Backpacking The Grand Canyon - FULL
October 8, 2017 – October 15, 2017

The Grand Canyon is truly one of the wonders of the world, and its exploration is not to be taken lightly. Once away from the crowded rim, we travel primitive paths, gather water from springs, marvel at the power of the Colorado River, sleep under the stars, and experience the beauty of the Canyon and our own insignificance. Backpacking experience required. $1595 Rating: 1  2  3  4  [5]

Appalachian Trail Section Backpack
October 15, 2017 – October 22, 2017

Our adventures on the Appalachian Trail continue this year as we return to complete more of the Virginia section. For those of you who have done previous sections in Virginia, we’ll be 'connecting some of the dots'. In this section the AT follows the Blue Ridge Mountain Range and offers us beautiful, 360 degree views, rocky and challenging trails. $1295   Rating: 1  2  3  [4]  5