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Traveling While Vegan- Five Tips for Success
When you’re a world traveler and avid hiker who has been a vegetarian for more than 50 years, you learn a few pointers about how to eat well on the road.
20 Ideas for Responsible Travel
Perhaps you’ve heard of sustainable travel, low impact travel, or green travel. We like the term "Responsible Travel."
10 Ways to be a Responsible Traveler
Responsible travel is travel that has a positive impact on the places we visit, in environmental, cultural, social and economic spheres. In addition, it's an approach to travel that seeks to minimize negative impact on those places. Here are 10 ways you can practice responsible travel (and still have fun on your vacation!)
20 Tips for International Travel
In honor of our 20th Anniversary, we're sharing some of the priceless wisdom we've learned over our last two decades of guiding women's adventure travel. This month: 20 tips for international travel!
High Altitude Hiking - What You Need to Know to Handle Elevation!
You are planning a trip to a high-altitude location, but you live close to sea level. How do you prepare?
Tips for Getting Onto the AGC Trip You Want
We hear it often- "How do I make sure that I get on the trip that I want?"
Seven Tips on Packing Light for Any Type of Travel
When you start packing your suitcase, you know a trip is real! But how do make sure you have everything you need without also packing the kitchen sink?
9 Health Tips for Active Travelers
Nothing can ruin a trip like an unhealthy body. It's easy to get out of our routines while we travel, so here are some easy ways to stay healthy while on the road, on the trail, and in the sky.
The Nine Most Frequently Asked Questions by New AGC Travelers
Excited about group travel but a little unsure about how we at AGC do things? These are the nine most frequently asked questions asked by travelers who are new to Adventures in Good Company.
Hiker's Glossary Part 5: Navigational Terms
This fifth and final installment of the Hiker's Glossary is a guide to navigational terms.
Five Tips for Getting Plane Tickets for Your Next Trip
You’ve booked your trip and now you need to get your plane tickets.
Visiting Cuba in 2018 - What's Changed?
Confused about traveling to Cuba? We can understand why due to the new travel regulations and recent news.
How to See the Northern Lights in Alaska
The northern lights are one of the most stunning natural phenomena mankind can experience.
Changes for 2019
Although we're only a third of the way into 2018, we're already focused on getting our 2019 trips on the calendar.
AGC and Social Media
In our opinion, adventure travel is about much more than just taking a trip.
Training For a Hike On and Off the Trail
If you think that the only way to train for a hike is by going hiking, you’re not alone.
We Cannot Be Safe, We Are Not in Danger
I woke up this morning to the news that a bomb had gone off in Sultanahmet, the Old City of Istanbul.
How to Train for Your Next Hiking Trip
The correct title for this should probably be "How I'm training for my next hiking trip".
Choosing the right active vacation
In rock climbing lingo, the definition of "sandbag" is: "A climb which receives a much lower grade than deserved.
Getting ready for your next backpacking trip
I'm sitting here looking at a lot of snow and dreaming about being on the Appalachian Trail instead!
Ebola and travel to Africa: Is it safe?
Safety is always our first priority at Adventures in Good Company, and we are constantly evaluating the safety of the places we go and the activities we're doing
Lodging options for your next active vacation
So you're planning your next active vacation and, having made your plane reservations, the next question is lodging.
Buying airline tickets for your next adventure vacation - Part 2
So after reading "Buying airline tickets for your next adventure vacation - Part 1" you have decided not to use a travel agent and that now is the time you should start looking.
Buying airline tickets for your next adventure vacation - Part 1
I've written a blog post about this previously but there are some new considerations and some new websites that make it worth updating.
Climbing Kilimanjaro: 5 decisions to make
Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is a dream for many women. It's non-technical, meaning you don't need mountaineering skills or even to be an athlete. It is also truly a physical and mental challenge.
Adventure Travel for Women Over 60
I, and many of the women who have traveled with us over the past 20 years, passed the 50 year-old mark years ago. So how about adventure travel for women over 60?
Should you have expectations for adventure travel?
I started thinking about the issue of expectations and adventure travel after receiving a trip evaluation from a woman returning from her second trip with us.
Trip Preparation: Three Organizational Strategies to Minimize Stress
When working for a travel company like Adventures in Good Company, you have the chance to get your travel prep systems pretty fine-tuned. So I thought I’d share a few pre-trip organizational strategies that have worked for me.
Training Tips (Part III of III): Hiking Leg Preparation
For years, my exercise routine included cardio (running/walking, cycling, stair master, etc.), upper body weight training, and abs. I figured that my cardio routine was ‘enough’ exercise for my legs, so I could skip lower body weight training.
Planning your adventure vacation itinerary
We are in the thick of planning for 2014 and even 2015, and while planning for a group of people who are paying you is different in some respects than planning an itinerary for your partner or friends, there are still some key questions that you have to ask.
Sifting Through Your Travel Bucket List
"You know all those things you've always wanted to do? You should go do them." Ever since I saw that quote, I've been pondering it.
Should women travel alone or join a group?
I saw a question in a TripAdvisor's Forum from someone who was interested in a Gutsy Women Travel tour to Europe and wanted to know if anyone had experience with them (Gutsy Women is a women's travel company that offers (non-adventure) group tours to a variety of destinations).
Women's travel tips: Some packing suggestions
I'm thinking about packing right now because it's Sunday night and I just finished packing for a trip to Scotland, for which I leave Friday evening. I'm not someone who loves packing, but I do it fairly often. And I know that when I follow these tips, my trip will be easier and less stressful.
Traveling with hiking poles on hiking vacations
One of the pieces of equipment that we recommend on all our hiking vacations is hiking (also called trekking) poles. Assuming we have sold you on why they are so critical, the next question is how to get them to your destination.
7 ways to prepare for international adventure travel
On the trip document for our international adventure travel trips, we always recommend books you might want to read in advance just to get prepared or get the feel of a country. But, in addition of course to packing, there are lots of other fun ways to "get ready" too. Here are some ideas.
Travel tips: When should I buy airline tickets?
In preparing for an adventure trip, when to buy airplane tickets is undoubtedly the most common question we get. With airline consolidation and elimination of many flights, airline tickets have gone up substantially and will likely continue to climb.
Adventure travel: What's the real price of your trip. Part 2
For the second question, how much additional will you end up spending, here are the issues to consider:
Adventure travel: What's the real price of your trip? Part 1
Some people complain that airline pricing is opaque because of fees, taxes etc. - but that is nothing compared to adventure travel.
3 Reasons Why Adventure Travel is Best in the Off Season
The off season is my favorite time for adventure travel, and last weekend reminded me why.
How will the Euro Crisis affect European Travel?
How will the Euro crisis affect European travel? Good question!
On adventure travel trips, should you ban smokers? Or smoking?
Recently someone emailed us to ask if she would be allowed to come on one of our adventure trips since she was a smoker. Our answer back was...
Can you trust TripAdvisor when planning overseas adventure travel
The question of whether you can trust TripAdvisor for planning overseas adventure travel, or domestic travel for that matter, is an important one for anyone who regularly plans her own trips.
Death in the outdoors: Ignorance, Thoughtlessness, and Choice
Yesterday I had brunch with Laura Bly, a USAToday travel writer who wrote a very interesting blog article on several recent well-publicized National Park deaths, including the three people who were swept over Vernal Falls and two people who died in recent accidents in Hawaii.
Six tips for great National Park trips
We love National Park trips! Death Valley, Zion, Great Smokies, Grand Canyon, Acadia, Denali etc- we visit lots of them on our trips. But the great news is that you don't need to sign up for one of our trips to have an amazing time. Here are 6 tips to help you make the most of your next visit.
Preparing for active travel vacations
This was contributed by Katie Flanagan: One of my favorite places to prepare for active travel vacations is the local library.