Field Notes: Dog Sledding and Winter Fun

Posted: Friday, March 15, 2024

Dear Winter Fun Friends,

It has been over two weeks since we were together on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Thank you for joining us on this unique and wonderful trip! The adventure started in Duluth, where we got to know each other and learned about recreating outdoors in winter weather.

We drove up the North Shore, where we marveled at the blue hue and size of Lake Superior (our constant companion all week), experienced beautiful trails, shared delicious meals, had lively conversations, and spent five days becoming friends and enjoying each of our unique and wonderful personalities.

Here are some unforgettable highlights from our time together:

  • Bright orange, pink, and purple sunrises over Lake Superior as we sipped coffee and tea in our PJs with cozy (and stylish!) slippers

  • Sunny blue skies nearly every day

  • Fantastic lake views from our condos 

  • The indoor and outdoor hot tubs and jacuzzi baths - everything felt good on our tired muscles

  • Wine and beverages in the evenings, followed by delightful meals dining “in” 

  • Learning and improving our cross-country skiing techniques on groomed trails

  • Dog sledding and the thrill of mushing loud, excited canines quickly turned quiet as we took off into the forest! We stopped for a lunch break and savored veggie dogs and locally made brats cooked perfectly over a trailside open fire. We endured exciting, bumpy trails with no spills, lots of thrills, and TONS of laughter

  • Hiking Oberg Mountain with its multiple overlooks and our grounding meditation.

  • Snowshoeing another Superior Hiking Trail section with a winding, narrow, snowy path  leading towards Carlton Peak 

  • Hiking through a historic stand of trees at George Washington Pines and through forests of birch on Pincushion Mountain

  • Exploring the quaint town of Grand Marais with some awesome art purchases 

  • Hiking along the Temperance River, enjoying the colors and patterns of the ice formations and marveling at the basalt canyon as the river flows towards Lake Superior

  • Yoga at the spa

  • 7 Bald Eagles spotted on the last day

  • Meeting new adventurous friends and finding joy in winter!

Anne and I had such a great time sharing our love of Northern Minnesota, the winter season, and all of our activities with you. This group's flexibility, kindness, and adventuresome nature added so much to our enjoyment every day.

Thank you for your kind words and generosity - we love guiding these trips and sharing our passion and knowledge with you.  

We hope you have a great remainder of winter and that our paths cross again on another trip.  


With warm regards,

Deb and Anne

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