Training For Your Trip

Training For Your Trip

It’s time to get ready for your next adventure!

Your trip is booked, and the countdown is on! Your next adventure will be here before you know it, but are you where you need to be to fully enjoy this experience?

At Adventures in Good Company, we take not only pride in how we craft our trips from beginning to end but also in the care we put into making sure participants are fully prepped mentally and physically for the adventure they signed up for so they can embrace this experience to its full potential.

Our Program Managers carefully spend time evaluating each itinerary to pair it with an accurate rating and tips to get ready physically leading up to your departure. All of our trips are active and require basic good health, balance, and mobility, but some require more conditioning than others. You can learn more about our trip ratings here.

Upon signing up for your trip, you’ll receive a series of emails from a Program Manager, one of which includes conditioning suggestions crafted specifically for the level of adventure you’ll be going on. This overview will cover the type of terrain you can expect in the destination you’ll be visiting, an explanation of the rating assigned to your trip, general exercises to help with your conditioning, and other recommendations such as hiring a personal trainer or adventure coach.

Adventure Coaching

As an extension of our personalized experience, we are excited to announce our newest partnership with Becki Rupp of Trailblazer Wellness! As a certified personal trainer and adventure coach, Becki offers support in preparing individuals physically and mentally for adventure travel so that they can come home with amazing memories. Becki can help you build your strength, stamina, and confidence to make the most of your adventures and life!

Why should you consider a coach to prepare for an adventure trip? Not only will Becki guide you through preparing for activities on your travels, but you'll receive a customized training plan to get you ready for your adventure. These coaching sessions give you all the support and motivation you could need during your pre-trip journey.

Consider replacing your current workout with a customized plan from Becki. Traveling with us means you automatically receive a 10% discount when you purchase a Trailblazer Wellness program!

Regardless of your fitness level and whether you want to train at the gym or at home, Becki will collaborate with you to develop a plan that will help you get the most out of the trip that you have booked. The program is designed to increase your self-assurance, boost your energy level, and help you physically and mentally prepare for all of the activities in your itinerary.

Take a peek at this sample workout by Becki to get started on your strength training here.

Ready to take the next step in training for your trip?

Learn more about coaching programs available through Trailblazer Wellness and how to book a FREE 30-minute consultation here!